Adiós America

Departing Key West Thursday at three pm. Nice to fix the jib car, hatch seals etc.

And nice to depart the USA warjets & excess display of wealth via motor boats.
Sailing over the large offshore platform littered with fish pots in light breeze we make our way to the offshore depths and Gulf Stream.

Crew is happy, fed and watered. I am as well for them, to have done some important emails and communications and to have fixed some things which will make our journey safer and happier.

Winds die to nothing and we motor into the night. My watch begins at midnight and winds have set in to the south. Shut down the motors and begin a perfect night on the sea. Setting moon, star carpet sailing in 12 kts and minimal seas, rounding Florida and beginning to head to Bahamas with a ride on the gulf stream. Plan to cut through the Bahamas via a massive deep water channel banked by the Bahamian plateau.