Libations, Special Drinks & Drink Specials..!

Ana Luna is a licensed bar and operates under government regulations.
Rum Swizzle, the perfect drink! Why?
Well, as legion goes, the rum swizzle is the national drink of Bermuda, it is light, fruity, served cold on a hot day & has both food value and hydration.
Eco-freaks, (like the captain & bar tender) love to make swizzle in reused bottles & serve in reused cups.
To celebrate all this greatness, Ana Luna offers ‘Rum Swizzle Special’ @$25/ 3 drinks.
Ace our Eco-quiz & be gifted a fourth for free!

Ana Luna also offers beer & wine @$10 per drink.
Guests may bring favorites aboard & pay corkage fee.

Complementary Hibiscus Tea with Moringa oleifera

All Served Iced and with a Smile

All drinks are supplied by Ana Luna bar, drinks must be served by a crewmember, no drinking before snorkeling.
We reserve the right not to serve guests ( for whatever reason ) primarily if they have been drinking before boarding.
Ana Luna is dedicated to providing the highest quality cruise environment for all our guests.
Overdrinking degrades the experience for everyone along with creating the potential for safety issues.
Thank you for your understanding,
Ana Luna team’