Exotic Earth Coffee

Exotic Earth Coffee

Ana Luna Catamaran features Fresh roasted Organic Coffee’s from around the world provided by Exotic Earth Coffee Connoisseur. Currently roasting around 20 distinct varieties from some of the worlds best growing areas. Please scroll to view the current selection, roasting facility and contact info.

Complimentary organic Coffee and Hibiscus Tea are served on all cruises.

Hibiscus tea has its roots in Africa and is now grown throughout the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America for local consumption and exportation, it is a cousin to ornamental hibiscus grown to adorn Bermuda. Rich in vitamins & a beautiful reddish pink color we serve it freshly brewed, lightly sweetened and either hot or iced.

Save $10 off any Group Cruise aboard Ana Luna in the 2019 season.

Terms and conditions: Discount Coffee Bag must be presented to claim discount, one per guest per cruise. Booking should be made in advance, discount then given at conclusion of cruise, discount counts first against cash bar tab with balance, if any, paid in cash. Bag may be gifted or multiple bags used for a family or group. Freshroasted Organic Coffee & Ana Luna Sailing Experience Adventures in Paradise!

Our Roasts

Exotic Earth Coffee Connoisseur strives to provide the best possible coffee experience. Organically Grown, Fair Trade business practices, Freshly Roasted, Ground at time of brewing, Cone Filters /French press render best results.

Please note the flavour hints provided by our suppliers coffee cupping professionals. We find it a pleasure to taste a wide variety and savor the distinct flavor signatures. Exotic Earth roasts to ‘full crack’; the sweet spot between under or over roasting.

Exotic Earth Roasting Facility is located at ‘Lots of Pots @BAA’ , corner of Serpentine and Woodlands Roads. Call the roast-master @ 441-504-3780 Wholesale / Retail Sales