Gratuities, Pricing & Conditions

Gratuities, Pricing & Conditions

Ana Luna Catamaran Pricing and Conditions 2024.
Ana Luna is excited to now provide islandwide service, both to depart and dropoff, & sail to explore the entire islands waters.

We are happy to coordinate with guests to sail from St. George’s, Grotto Bay, Hamilton and Dockyard. We can arrange ground transportation with advance notice. Delivery charges may apply to cater to guests needs.

Pricing for 2024
$79 per person for initial two hours. $25 per person per additional hour. Infants two and under are free of charge.
Base rate for Private Cruises is Eight Guests.
Additionals can include bar tab, meals or tapas.
15% gratuity for the crew.
Please deposit your cruise through our online click to book system.
Cash payment is appreciated for balances, CC incurs fee. Guests are asked to bring towels to suit their needs.
Cancellation: Weather and Guest issues are rescheduled to the next best time or given future credit.
Refunds only in case that Ana Luna cannot deliver the service due to issues with the boat or crew.
Guests may request pickup and/or drop off at other locations, cost to deliver the yacht is $100/ hour round trip. 

Gratuities are a gift of heartfelt thanks from the ‘guest/customer’ to the ‘deliverer of service’.
Depending on one’s culture, the expectation of gratuity and its social meaning vary widely.
Ana Luna team strives to provide the best experience for all our guests at all times & ‘pencils in’ what is considered to be a normal gratuity in the Bermudian culture on private cruises.
That said, guests are not required to pay any gratuity if the service was substandard; or they may certainly pay more if the service and experience were superior.

Thank you again for choosing and supporting the Ana Luna Catamaran team..!