Invest in lifestyle!

Invest in Ana Luna, for Lifestyle, Profit or Both!

Ana Luna’s owners are past retirement age and have had a long & fruitful charter career. This after 20+ years of ownership & 16 years chartering in Bermuda, many thousands of sea miles & many more memories.
Future ownership could well be another marine operator, a restaurant or food service, new startup, Airbnb looking to expand, dive shop for liveaboard diving… name it!

On the recreational side, as a world capable, 4 cabin & 4 bath, energy creating, water harvesting, wind powered Eco-system….the possibilities are somewhat endless..

Offered for Sale:
Ana Luna hull and equipment. Outright or syndicate via Holding company share sale. Total value of yacht, equipment, moorings, charter blue sky: $650,000 Shares may be Sold to Bermudians or Rest of Worlders (60/40)

Please Reach Out!
Ana Luna has had a great run & is in great shape for many more years of enjoyment. We would love to discuss ideas with potential investors, enthusiasts, partners.. Live the Dream, Sail the Sea Lover!

Fun Stuff for Sale!

J24 Sailboat, Mooring, Sails & Equipment
25 hp outboard engine & fuel tank
Prices negotiable. J24

Party Size blow up Unicorn Raft

Inflatable 6 person Banana

All items are in ‘good used condition’
Prices negotiable, please contact us to arrange viewing.

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