Eco Ana Luna

Eco-Ana Luna: Fish hugging Environmentalists!

This year, 2023, Ana Luna celebrates her 20 th year of Bermudian family ownership & enters her 16 th charter season in Bermuda. This is an amazing trail of memories of adventures past, visiting 18 countries and logging thousands of miles on the high seas..!
Over the years, Ana Luna has been improved, amended, refit & added to in about every way possible; many of the upgrades in the organic environmental realm.
Ana Luna now makes natural energy ‘useful’ in four ways:
Solar panels produce electricity 
Wind turbine produces power as well.
Alternators on Diesel engines also make electric power.
& as a sailing yacht, wind is converted to ‘lift’ or ‘push’ which provides forward propulsion.
Fresh water is always a necessity & Ana Luna has designed and installed an innovative water catchment system to compliment water from ‘the dock’.
Ana Luna promotes healthy living in every way, the owners have 23 eatable plants growing year round at their home in Bermuda. (24 solar panels power the home.)
One of these, Moringa, is brewed into healthy tea along with Hibiscus and served on all cruises.
Organic coffee is also offered aboard, roasted fresh in Bermuda.
All meals served aboard are as ‘farm to table’ as possible.
Environmentalists & Naturalist’s 
Ana Luna has eliminated single use plastics in favor of reusable containers.
Beer served aboard is freshly brewed in Bermuda & served in souvenir cups.
( Energy savings from no bottle, shipping carbon, other transport etc could power an LED lightbulb for over five years PER BEER !)
Recycling & Composting are standard practice.
Fish Huggers..
Avid Scuba Divers, Ana Luna team advocates for Fish Farming & Hatchery in Bermuda;
In conjunction with BOPP ( Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Project ).
Farming fish is seen as the only way to bolster natural fish numbers in the face of overfishing &
Reintroduce ‘extinct’ natural species & farm fish, crustaceans & byvalves for direct consumption.
Eco Quiz
Offered aboard as a fun and friendly way to raise awareness.
Guests can test their Eco awareness with the 16 point quiz.
FREE Swizzle for all who ‘Ace’ the quiz..!
Social Causes & Fully WOKE
Ana Luna displays six flags on her rig:
Rainbow-now hugged by gays, has a fascinating history.
Ukraine-Blue and Yellow. We are so saddened by this conflict.
Peace-Footprint of a chicken, ugh. An easy choice!
Co-exist-Promoting cooperation & compassion of all worlds peoples.
Earth Flag-Of course!
Thanks for Reading and Appreciating..!
Ana Luna Family