Key West, onward & upward

Winds finally turned southward in approach, they were so easterly and we tacked to much to get here.

Arriving and dousing sails is a simple drill of turning to the wind, taking down mainsail & it turned horrible.

We prop wrapped a fish pot line in mid channel on not one but both props.

Anchor and I scuba to cut loose the lines. This is the worst prop wrap ever, jammed up tight and many times around. And seas are a real mess. I am bouncing and scholishing under the boat cutting away with a bread knife.
Finally I get it all cut loose and get back aboard. Am wrecked, really tired and I suppose traumatized. Take a break, shower, regain composure.

Put on fenders to go to the dock and guess what, one guy can’t tie a knot and a fender goes floating off to France. Another crew jumps in and swims it back. What a show, my show! We pull up the anchor and it brings up a royal mess of lines and a fish pot, this still in the entry channel to a major port. Go USA ! Dock, finally, a crewmember spots that the other prop also has a huge bundle of line around it, so back to scuba I go. Tell you what!

Office job sounds pretty great! Nice here, this Florida place, stinks of money, but also a lot of funky boats and funky dudes and chicks. Diversity, the strength of the USA. Nobody wants to admit that someone not like them makes the nation stronger, but they are wrong.

Embracing the other makes all of us better, wider and more funnily fulfilled..and less bigoted and boring. First Guatemala then Mexicans and now Gringos.. Can Bermuda keep pace!?