June 2021

Mid June & Bermudas waters are just stunning!
Ana Luna is so happy to be back and now have covid restrictions largely lifted. Our crew team are vaccinated and liscense capacity back to 40 guests.
Due to market conditions Ana Luna is asked to focus on private charters. To add even more fun to the party we are now offering party favors for private groups. Huge inflatable unicorn float, blow up banana, bronco cushions, noodles, snorkle gear. Meal options from embellished snacks to sit down dinner cruise. Underwater lights have added a whole new aspect to ‘night life’!

Super to have Terry and Neitra back with us this summer..
They are the best, nice to bask in their smiles!

The past year has been, for all of us, a bit like Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz were washed together in an industrial machine. Between Covid-19 & the Trump un-election experience it has been a bit hard to navigate life & maintain ones equilibrium.

In reflecting on the past year of Ana Luna Adventures it has been nothing but total amazement.
Ana Luna Catamaran, captain and crew had several of the most memorable and challenging blue sea crossings in our history, from Bermuda to St Maarten, on to St Thomas & again from St Thomas to Guatemala only to arrive to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Largely locked down in the boatyard on Guatemala’s Rio Dulce our team did a super job of refitting the yacht, completely transforming her inside and out.
Please read our Refit 2020 page.

Years end 2020 proved for us and surely all readers to be equally surreal. My arrival back to Guatemala after spending the summer waiting out the pandemic in Colorado with family and friends was greeted by the two largest and strongest hurricanes in Central American history.
Adversity for sure, but transformed into a heartwarming several months at our home on Lake Atitlan in the Mayan Highlands, filled with many tales of wonderment. While the American election & Capital Riots raged we enjoyed harvesting coffee, avocados and passion fruit, riding petal bikes, hot tubbing & enjoying the fruits of our labor.

Launched, finally in early January 2021, Happy New Year! Our trip to Isla Mujeres and beyond has also been a mixed magical adventure. Please read our webpage.

Celebrating my birthday on February 12 with our daughter and grandkids and on Valentine’s Day with the Love of my Life Debbie, it feels like winter is moving to springtime.

Our crew team from Bermuda, Terry and Neitra are both flying into México to sail to Bermuda and many other great prospects have come forward to fill the fourth crew position, we feel blessed for their enthusiasm and support.
Ana Luna is sailing to get back to Bermuda early to enjoy the GP Catamaran Event set for late March and all of April.
We will be sailing to the practice sessions and finals.
Bermuda is truly blessed to host this world class event, Ana Luna team hopes to be right in the middle of it, reveling in the crew talent and ‘horse’-power of these amazing sailing machines. See page for cruise offerings.

Our ‘official’ sailing season opens on May Day, International Workers Day, celebrated world wide except the USA ( red scare ). We are enthused to focus our attention and emphasis toward the Bermudian workers who form valued parts of our team here in Bermuda. Ana Luna is working exclusively with local company PTIX for booking and reservations.

Additionally we have introduced a more formal and compensated way to work with our valued concierge teams who have sent guests our way for years.