Isla Mujeres

It has been nice to be back to Isla Mujeres. Quintana Roo has transformed from a backwater into the largest beach vacation areas in the new world on just 40 years. Back then Bermuda boasted double or more the quality tourist beds as here, now the ratio has shifted to something like 2,000 to 1 in Mexico’s favor.

Despite the influx we found the marine environment to be very nice. Dolphins joined us on every sailing, scuba dives were full of fish, locals still snorkel for lobsters. Seems that Mexican culture has really improved. Back when rude behavior was common, smoking, drinking and despair. Now these have mostly disappeared, at least here, and many Mexicans feel they have a better future than Americans do.

Ana Luna has been at anchor a bit much for her liking. We have sailed around Isla Mujeres several times along with sailing the large bay which separates it from Cancun.

Now in mid March after enjoying visits from family and great shopping for Mexican foods we have a good wind window to depart for Bermuda. Sailing route takes us down the Cuba straight, through or just north of Bahamas and then NE to Bermuda.