Welcome to Ana Luna Adventures!

For 2017 our motto ‘Adventures in Paradise’ seems more apt than ever..

Americas Cup foiling catamaran races and supporting festivities will be an experience of a lifetime. Ana Luna will be sailing to all the events, please have a look at our ‘Americas Cup‘ page.

Glow worms are funner than ever, for us anyway, the worms still enjoy themselves as the have for say, one million years, and they won’t change a thing! Ana Luna glow worm cruise is a real highlite of your trip if you are here two and three days after the full moon from May through October. Have a look at that page for more info, dates and departure times.

Liveaboard has been a great success. Ana Luna now offers two levels of service, Simple stay and 24 hour Full Service stay.

Private Cruises are also now offered in two levels of service, ‘Intimate’ for smaller groups and ‘Party’ for groups up to 35 guests.

Scuba Diving is great off this majestic catamaran. Great options include Liveaboard with two dives and three meals along with overnight stay and ‘Intimate’ private charter with intent to dive with a nice lunch and drinks after dives. Please review the scuba dive page along with private cruise and Liveaboard.

The Ana Luna team hopes that you will choose our beautiful yacht to enjoy Bermuda’s azure seas..

Sail the Sea Lover we say!!