Super Group Cruise

Ana Luna Sail, Swim, Snorkel & Sunset Sailing 2021

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, depart three hours before sunset.
‘SuperGroupCruise’ ‘ Sail, Swim, Snorkle & Sunset’ Sailing three hours before sunset on Sunday late evenings. First stop is a protected cove for swimming, snorkeling & water fun. Snorkel gear and noodles are included.
Then it’s off for sailing, cocktails & sunset cruise.
Ana Luna returns to dock after sunset. Then bring on the night!

Cost $89 adult, $79 kids and seniors. Light snacks, hydration, cash bar, snorkel gear and noodle are all included.

This cruise will start on Aug 8 and run until Sept 26.

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Ana Luna Catamaran strives to provide opportunity for all visitors and locals to enjoy Bermuda waters. By offering three group cruises weekly, everyone should have chance to do so. However our operating costs cannot support outings of less that six guests. For this reason we will ask guests to join us on the next outing if the minimum is not met or is weather is unfriendly. Determination to move to the next outing is six hours before the cruise. In the case that a cruise is moved to the next date, guests will be notified by phone or email, you may call the captain at 504-3780 to inquire. Please book early in your visit with this possibility in mind as guests are not refunded, rather given credit for future outing. Thanks for your understanding.