Captain Nathan

Captain of Ana Luna for 13 years, Nathan’s roots in sailing, skiing, scuba diving, environmentally friendly life style, international travel, culinary arts, handcraft design, textile arts ( etc ) shine through aboard Ana Luna. Nathan’s diversity of lifestyle and appreciation of the powers & mystery of nature set him apart from most anyone you will ever meet.

First Mate Debbie

Boss of the Captain makes her his wife! Debbie is a true Bermudain with family roots back into the 1600’s on her mothers side. Her ethnicity is fascinating, British, Irish, Native American Indian, Black, Portuguese & Italian. Debbie shares many of the captains traits of travel and diversity as well as being one of the islands leading poets. Mother of three great children, Debbie and the now captain enjoy an expanding gaggle of grandkids. While family and friends keep her busy ‘topside’, scuba and love of the sea find Debbie all wet and smiling plenty too.

Nathan Worswith and Deborah Worswick

Seamus McKittrick has been a hard working crewperson