Coffee & Hibiscus tea served aboard

Complimentary organic Coffee and Hibiscus Tea are served on all cruises.

Hibiscus tea has its roots in Africa and is now grown throughout the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America for local consumption and exportation, it is a cousin to ornamental hibiscus grown to adorn Bermuda. Rich in vitamins & a beautiful reddish pink color we serve it freshly brewed, lightly sweetened and either hot or iced.

If you would like to enjoy the tea at home we sell bags aboard for $8 or 3/$20.

Captain Nathan is a master coffee roaster and has founded ‘Exotic Earth Coffee Connoisseur’ featuring Fair Trade Organic Coffee’s from around the world. Coffee is offered on all cruises either hot or iced.

Bags of organic coffee may be purchased aboard, 8 oz. Fair Trade Organic cost $12 or 3/$30.