Boutique Scuba Diving

Boutique Scuba Diving

Captain loves scuba and is one of the most experienced guides on Bermudas east end dive sites.

Ana Luna offers a unique and practicle approach to scuba diving.

Fully certified divers are provided with a beautiful and stable platform to dive from with towels, freshwater shower, full lunch and tank air for two dives. Divers provide their own equipment and dive as buddy pairs. Ana Luna can provide a guide to show you the sights and get you back through the twisting reefs to the boat. Please understand that Ana Luna is not responsible for any incidents that occur while divers are in the water, you are diving with your buddy in accordance with internationally accepted norms inwhich you are certified.

Ana Luna Adventures is not a dive shop nor do we provide instruction. Ana Luna catamaran is hired as the platform to dive with your buddy and enjoy the yachts amenities and a nice lunch.

Ana Luna offers two charter formats for Scuba Diving.
One is the 24 hour full service Liveaboard with breakfast served followed by a morning dive, lunch followed by afternoon dive then dinner, drinks and overnight stay.

Second option is the ‘Intimate Private Cruise’ described in the private cruise section, generally a morning dive, lunch followed by afternoon dive and then back to the dock.

Liability disclaimer: When you are in the water you are doing so independently and are confident in your abilities and equipment in the specific water experience. Ana Luna does all it can to make your swimming and snorkeling experience safe and enjoyable.

Scuba Divers abilities, reactions, physical condition, etc are far from the captain or crews ability to control and for this reason all guests who enter the water do so at their own risk and specially acknowledge this waiver of liability on the part of Ana Luna.


Nathan Worswick dive master